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Rep. Ryan Rose: Robust Fundraising Fuels Bold
Re-Election Bid for District 48


VAN BUREN, Ark. (October 3, 2023) – State Representative Ryan Rose of District 48 has declared his re-election campaign, following a strong Q3 fundraising of over $25,500. The campaign highlights include championing The Protect Arkansas Act, tax relief measures, and educational reforms. Rose, with a 100% Pro-Life voting record, prioritizes healthcare, job creation, and veterans' support. Committed to Arkansas Conservative Faith & Family Values, he's set on driving transformative change for Arkansans.


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Ryan Rose for Arkansas Release Continued

VAN BUREN, Ark. (October 3, 2023) – State Representative Ryan Rose of District 48 is announcing his re-election, reinforcing his commitment to lead the way with bold conservative reforms that resonate deeply with Arkansans. The campaign kicked off on a strong note with more than 50 donations, securing an impressive $25,577.88 in combined monetary and in-kind contributions in the third quarter alone.


Last Thursday, downtown Van Buren was abuzz during Rep. Rose's Re-Election Campaign Rally; the event was a testament to Rose's leadership and his widespread support, drawing elected officials, community leaders, law enforcement and ardent supporters from all corners of the district. The near capacity event center burst into a standing ovation and cheers as Rose concluded with the powerful statement, "My Name is Ryan Rose and I’m running for Re-Election to continue to be your State Representative."


"I remain strongly committed  to protecting the lives of the unborn, a stand validated by a 100% Pro-Life voting record from Arkansas Right to Life,” Rose said. As a co-sponsor of The Protect Arkansas Act Rose declared, "I've taken a strong stance against violent crimes and lethal drug dealers, ensuring safer communities for all." Rose has also been at the forefront of tax relief measures. "It's crucial that we champion the cause of hard-working families, especially as we fight against President Biden’s economic failures" Rose emphasized. His advocacy for education is evident in his co-sponsorship of the Learns Act. "Every child regardless of their family’s income or zip code deserves access to a world class education and we need to ensure our dedicated educators are competitively compensated,” Rose stated.


Rose's legislative endeavors also spotlight his efforts for all Arkansans, emphasizing healthcare expansion, job creation, protecting children, and supporting veterans. Rose was a member of the House Election Integrity Group, collaborating on the passage of numerous crucial bills, reinforcing a commitment to maintaining safe, fair, and accurate elections in Arkansas. Rep. Rose is passionate about pioneering initiatives in education, reducing taxes, and economic development, helping craft a prosperous and sustainable future for the state.


"My commitment to you," Rose asserts, "I will continue to be your strongest advocate for Arkansas Conservative Faith & Family Values. My faith in Jesus Christ guides me as a legislator, and that will never change."


Having served as a pastor in the Arkansas River Valley for 15 years, Ryan Rose is also the Director of Development at Union Christian Academy, the President of Heart to Heart Pregnancy Center, and a small business owner. In the legislature, he holds roles as Vice-Chair of both the House Labor & Environment Subcommittee and the House Utilities Subcommittee, and memberships in the Budget, Insurance & Commerce, and Public Health, Welfare, and Labor Committees. Rep. Rose and his wife, Tiffany, both hold degrees from the University of the Ozarks and cherish  their life in Van Buren, where they're raising their three children. For more on Rep. Rose and his campaign, visit



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